Friday, June 17, 2011


A week after the American Pickers weekend, I went to the Moss Avenue sale in Peoria, which always has super cool stuff. Some of my favorites include:

the Flour & Sugar containers: snagged those for $10!

Lion drinking fountain, anyone? I passed.

Jewelry made out of typewriter pieces - soooo cute!

Besides yard sales and flea markets, I have been keeping busy with grad school. I have now completed my first two weeks of my summer session. My 3 classes are being squeezed into about 4 weeks. Which means it feels like finals week every week. Yuck. Can't wait until I'm done! (Even though I'm JUST starting grad school, ha.)


Last summer, I got serious about getting healthier. I ended up losing 25-30 lbs. and maintained it since that time. However, now I'm back at home and really off of my healthier habits/routines. I want to get back to that healthier lifestyle, including exercising. I also really want to work on my cooking skills, which are severely lacking at this point. I'm inspired by this woman's recipe blog - everything looks delicious & fairly simple! Plus, I lost the weight by doing Weight Watchers, which she includes in her nutrition information. Wish me luck! It's going to take a lot of self-discipline, self-control, motivation, and consistency.

Not only do I want to focus on my physical health, though. I feel like I've been neglecting my relationship with the Lord a bit - not spending nearly enough time with Him. And He is so worthy.

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