Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Quick Update.

Well, my first real semester of graduate school is complete! Somehow it worked out that I got several big assignments and most of my finals done a week early, so it's like I've been on break for a week already. So nice. :)

Today has been a super lazy day - just the way I like to start my break. I slept in until almost 11am - which NEVER happens - but it's been raining all morning, so it's been perfect sleeping weather. (But what's up with that??? RAIN??? It's DECEMBER in ILLINOIS! I want snow!)

I've also completed my Christmas shopping (I think)! So, for the next couple of weeks, you will most likely find me reading for fun, hanging out with family & friends, wearing ugly Christmas sweaters, and maybe even experimenting in the kitchen. Then I'll take a January mini-mester course and begin my spring semester about the third week of January. Life is so full most of the time... it's nice to catch my breath and just relax.

Just a quick update. I oftentimes think of interesting things to blog about, but never make myself sit down and type it out. Maybe I'll try to do better at that... No promises. :)