Monday, May 16, 2011


Throughout college, I have been a faithful Firefox user; but recently, a friend mentioned Google Chrome & how great it is. I was hesitant at first because Firefox has served me so well. (Is this ridiculous enough yet?) But I decided to give GC a shot just to test it out.

Turns out it's pretty sweet.

Anyhow, short story short... I was switching my bookmarks over to Google Chrome and happened upon some amazing blogs. At first I thought it was slightly silly that people have these websites simply to share design and art and photos (some of which is not even their own), but then I noticed that I was getting an itch for creativity. Yes, I was, in fact, quite inspired by some of the blogs I was visiting. I don't think it's that ridiculous to say that. Art comes in many forms. Why not weblogs?

This is one of my new favorites. This lady from Paris has so many fun DIY projects! I wish I was a bit craftier, but it just takes some practice and a lot of patience.

Although I am not actually a cooker/baker at all, I truly admire people who use food as an art-form, and it definitely motivates me to try out some of these recipes. One of my favorites so far is called Picky Palate, which basically describes me. My friends often joke that I have the same food preferences as a 5 year-old. (Mac & cheese, ice cream, Cap'n Crunch. What else do ya need? And, yes, I still buy juice boxes at the age of twenty-two.)

And, finally, take a look at THIS. Can you say inspiration? I've always been a fan of HGTV, but I didn't realize how much I enjoy design and style. (These blogs are so much fun!) This one in particular is giving me all kinds of ideas on how I want to decorate my future bedroom at my friend Chelsea's apartment in Peoria (Lord willing!)...


Oh, blogs.

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