Saturday, May 28, 2011

Grown-up Plans.

So, the Lord has really been opening doors - and I am so thankful!

I finally decided to commit to a grad school (woohoo!), and I'm starting classes this summer - rather than in the fall. I'll be able to take 3 courses (5 credits) during the month of June. It will probably be a bit intense since all the curriculum is squeezed into 4-6 weeks, but I'm glad to be getting started.

I've also had 4 interviews - with 2 offers! Praise the Lord! I'm still not sure which one it's going to be, though - one is a daycare and one is a bookstore. As of now, the daycare can offer me more hours; however, lately I've been concerned that it's going to be too exhausting. (Kids are a lot of work!) I would like to work at the bookstore, but it sounds like they can't give me a whole lot for the summer; however, I told them I'd be willing to take what they've got for the summer if I could have more hours in the fall. We'll see! God has provided so much already - I know that He'll work all this out. I'm actually working at the daycare next week as a bit of a "trial run" so we'll see how that goes.

Since things have been falling into place as far as a job and classes, I am going to be moving into my friend Chelsea's apartment sooner rather than later! (As long as I get approved. ;)) Soooo, home decor has been on my mind lately. :) I'm having to down-size to a twin bed because my new bedroom will be a bit small - but I'm excited to see how I can be creative with the space! Even though this bedding is for a full-size bed, my Mom & I were talking about cutting off the excess fabric and using it for pillows! Pretty excited - I've had my eye on this bedding for a while!

I also went "garage saleing" today & got a few things... as well as... this adorable antique head- and foot-boards!! I looovvveee it! And can't wait to put it with the bedding!

Obviously, the first picture is the bed. Isn't it cute? And in the second picture... I got a couple of small, white vases; a cute Old Navy water bottle; an apron!; some IKEA jars; two green & brown place-mats; and a mini-thesaurus (which might have been my favorite purchase of the day). I probably spent about $7 on all of that - which is why I LOVE garage sales.

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