Sunday, January 1, 2012

Reflections on 2011.

As usual, I am greatly encouraged by Beth Moore's words, particularly her challenge to reflect on the past year - the ups and downs that have come along and how God has shown His faithfulness through each situation. I have been seriously journaling for about 9 years now and have filled about 35 diaries. It is one of the most meaningful things to look back and remember the trials, the questions, the joys, the tears, the laughs that came along the way. I can't say enough how good God is to have walked with me - and how His lovingkindness rescued me over and over. Instead of going through all my journals, I decided to take a look at my pictures from the past year and try to sum up 2011 ...

JANUARY :: beginning of the end of undergrad
Explored Kankakee a bit more...

Found a little bookstore in Peoria...

Took a photography class - really enjoyed it.
Had two snow days and got really bored. ;)

Celebrated Christmas a little late with the family, including new baby Greta :)

Went dancing :)

Had friends over for a soup & game night!

Went to Ashley's in NW Indiana for the Superbowl

March :: a grrreeaattt month!

Had an amazing Roomie Spring Break trip to Arizona - wonderful memories.

Most amazing [early] graduation gift ever: my dream car, a MINI COOPER!

Taking all of my friends around in it... :)


Dog-sitting Arwen for friends

Amy Jo's bridal shower!!

Easter with the fam

5k & breakfast with friends

Roomie love <3

Made the wall at the library. Reppin' ONU.

May :: the month of many "lasts"

Saying goodbye to work friends from school

Last small group at Calvary

Line dancing with friends!

Senior trip to the Brookfield Zoo

Tania & me with Dr. B!

Senior Banquet

Angela got her nursing pin!

Good times with dear friends

Graduation Day!!!!

Party time with family & friends!

On the job hunt....


Trip to LeClaire, IA to visit the American Pickers!

Abby's baby shower for Adelyn Mae :)

Moved into an apartment with Chelsea

First day of graduate school!

4th of July :)

First summer in Peoria : exploring

Amy Jo's bachelorette party and WEDDING!

Trip to South Carolina :)


Another trip to LeClaire... :)


Fall activities like Chicago's Renegade Craft Fair & Tanner's Orchard


Visiting friends :)


My 23rd birthday celebrated by doing 23 Random Acts of Kindness

Celebrated my niece Greta's 1st birthday!

Threw my parents a  Surprise 25th Wedding Anniversary Party

Ugly Sweater Christmas Parties, etc.

As I got an iPhone later in 2011, I took more photos on my phone and don't really have the time to upload them all now. But this is a pretty exhaustive record of my year. It truly was a good one, despite the tears of goodbyes and the fear of starting new. God is good.

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